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FIFA Soccer 2003

July 9, 2010

in GameBoy Advance

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Ever since i was little i always bought FIFA games, i loved them. But recently they have been going down a little, with the release of Pro Evolution Soccer, which looks like the winner in football games alately. I believed that FIFA 2003 will be a massive game, seeing as they wish to dominate Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), but it really lacks in options.

Quite good, but i really prefer the passing in 2002 FIFA World Cup. When you pass, it often gets blocked by the opposition a lot, which really annoys me. Crossing is not that good either, and when you do a long pass it doesn’t look that great. It’s tougher to score headers and volleys though, which is an improvement. But one thing which i thought would definitely be in FIFA 2003 was the ability to save replays of goals. I really wish it was in, because i have scored two great free kicks in the game with Edgar Davids from Juventus just after the half way line. I like how free kicks and corners are done, especially free kicks, because you can put ”spin” on the ball, and i don’t know why but it looks great when David Beckham takes a free kick. When you have the ball it is good, because it is much harder to get past the defenders. You can get tackled really easily. Another thing which annoyed me was that when you shoot, goalkeepers save the ball really often. But this is probably good because if this wasn’t in then i bet most people would complain that it is easy to score. At least you don’t get scores such as 9-0 all the time, like on the previous FIFA games. Well, i haven’t got to that stage yet because i play on the hardest level.

It’s a really fun game, but i see FIFA 2003 as a PES2 wannabe. I don’t know why, but i really can see what EA Sports are getting at.

The graphics are really good, with such players as David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Edgar Davids, Roberto Carlos etc looking real. The stadiums look good too, they look nearly exactly the same as in real life (kind of). Commentary in the game is done by John Motson and Ally McCoist, but it is just basically the same text as 2002 FIFA World Cup. But there is improvements. When you shoot and it’s a cracking shot, and the goalkeeper does a fantastic save, the crowd will go ”ooooooo!!” and Motty (John Motson) will go ”fantastic shot..ohhhhh!!!”, it’s quite neat. Crowd chants in the game are not really noticeable, it’s nowhere near PES’ crowd chants. In PES they sing songs etc, but in FIFA 2003 it’s really light and you can hardly hear it.

There are different pieces of music in the game, for the menus and when you pause the game etc, which are quite nice. If you eat, you can pause the match and listen to some music.


When i first loaded the game and it came up on the main-menu, i was REALLY disappointed. All i can see is about 4 game modes, and that is it. I was expecting a penalty shoot-out option, create a player/team and a lot more. I really do feel that EA Sports have rushed this game, it could be a lot better. Yes i am quite disappointed, because if EA Sports added everything we wanted then we could have the greatest football game to date, and FIFA 2003 could of topped PES2, but it hasn’t.

On a lighter note, the competitions and tournaments are really good, especially the Club Championship mode which i really enjoy because you can buy players and you have information on the club you are. It’s quite enjoyable, it makes up for the lack of options.

You could play the competitions over and over again, because you have a massive amount of clubs to choose from in the modes. The Club Championship, Tournaments and League will take really long to complete, which gives you enough time to enjoy FIFA ’03. Even if you spend 24 hours on your PS2 and you have played through every competition with every team then it would of taken you about a year (maybe). But you can play it over and over again. Plus there is different kinds of difficulties, so it will take long to complete all of the game.

Buy or Rent
Maybe rent, but if you are a big fan of FIFA then add ’03 to your collection. If you are not sure whether to get Pro Evolution Soccer 2 or FIFA 2003, then i’d rent both, but you’ll probably like PES2 more, because it’s topping the charts and leading the Football games yet again.

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FIFA Soccer 2003
Developer(s) EA Canada
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Platform(s) Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Release date(s) Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Nov 2, 2002
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer, Multiplayer online
Rating(s) ESRB: K-A
Media Cartridge, CD-ROM

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